Jetty Road Largs Bay

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Mark and Chris became involved in our project that consisted of a significant extension to our house. They became involved at a most difficult time in the project as we had had to discontinue the contract with a previous builder who clearly was not up to the quality required and had failed to understand the scope of the project. Both Mark and Chris encouraged us to continue the project and, although they had to undo many mistakes by the previous builder, they brought to fruition an extension to our place that we truly are proud of. Through their contacts we were able to explore some alternative solutions, leading to major improvements on the project. Their eye for detail, craftsmanship and patience always amazed us and many a time we just looked in awe at the work that had just been finished. Over time Mark and Chris have become part of our “family” and now the project is coming to an end it will be hard for us to let them go. What impressed us was the dates for completion of different components of the project were always adhered to and they were reliable in that they always turned up when they said they would.  Their accounts were reasonable and they always provided a break down of how the money had been spent.

Mark and Chris are the most reliable builders. They are courteous, friendly, and trustworthy. They have shown themselves to be true artisans of their trade. We truly recommend them for your building projects!

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